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Meet Our Sister Company: Pagio

We know that affording a professional website from an agency like ours is a challenge for many small businesses and start-ups. They often don’t have the budget for a web designer or lack the time and expertise to effectively do it themselves.

We decided we needed to do something about this. That’s when our sister company, Pagio was born back in 2019. Pagio aims to help small businesses build their own website with templates designed by our experienced team.

Over the last 2 years, Pagio has seen an increase in enquiries from people looking for help setting up their websites. So, to make things more accessible than ever, the platform has now introduced tailored, “done-for-you” web design packages. Starting from £0 to £945, they’re for people who don’t want to or cannot build a website themselves.

Plus, to make Pagio even more simple and user-friendly, we’re currently developing a new website for the platform.

Pagio is also a climate-positive business. They plant trees and support carbon-reducing projects for every website launched on the platform. This is their way of helping to tackle climate change. As of 19th August 2021, they’ve planted 1,145 trees and offset 30.6 tonnes of CO2e!

To find out more:

Visit the website at https://pagio.co.uk/

View the packages at https://packages.pagio.co.uk/