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Calls to Action (CTAs) and How Important They Are on a Website


The Power of Calls to Action

In our latest video, Daniel talks about Calls to Action, also known as CTAs. These are very powerful yet often mis-used marketing tools that can encourage your visitors to take actions on your site.

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We regularly see websites that happily list all their services and the benefits of the company and then the page just stops! You’re at the footer.

What the page really needs is what we call a CTA. A call to action. This is designed to help a visitor or customer do exactly what you want them to do.

So, every page where ideally a customer or visitor should ‘take an action,’ needs a CTA. This can be anything from a ‘Buy it Now’ button, a prompt to enter an email for a free PDF, or a prompt to ‘Order Now and Get it Tomorrow.’

Amazon, for example, are experts at this with their next day delivery incentives. Don’t be afraid to tell a customer exactly what to do and where to go next!

Tell Your Visitor What To Do

Make things easy and make things simple. People want to be told what to do next.

‘Buy it Now,’ ‘Give us a Call,’ ‘Sign up for a free trial,’ whatever works best for your business – don’t be afraid to try different messages and see what works best for you.

Make a CTA an attractive proposition and make it accessible and visible on your sites pages.

Over 96% of people will leave a website without taking any action. Help drive that number down by making the customer journey straightforward on your website.

Encourage actions or enquiries to help transform a visitor to a customer or client. Calls to action, when used right, will help drive conversions and improve the customer experience.

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