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Mobile Website Design

Mobile website design is more than simply a website for a mobile device. It can include a number of options which you will need to consider in order to make the best decision for your business. As consumers spending so much time on their mobile devices, browsing online and shopping, choosing the most appropriate option to suit your business and, more importantly, your customers is crucial. We’ve discussed the available options below and how they’re useful for mobile web design.

Desktop Website

These websites are not designed for use on mobile devices. They do not have the ability to adapt to the device used, therefore the content can become distorted as a result. This can often appear very small and cause frustration for users, as the usability and user experience is diminished.

As a business, this looks unprofessional. You need to be keeping up-to-date with what are the latest technology trends and how your customers behave. Mobile devices and smartphones have become a crucial platform for businesses, so make sure your website looks good and functions well. There is no excuse for your website to not work on these devices.

Mobile Website

These are websites that are specifically designed for mobile. They may have a separate URL link to your full business website and the content may be slightly different to suit the intended platform.

Mobile Apps

These are similar to your typical apps. Mobile web apps are apps which are websites which users can download onto their device from the app stores. It means that your website is on their device on a more permanent basis. They are also more visible and will likely encourage customer loyalty or be used by loyal customers.

Responsive Website

This is probably the most common form of design. This option detects the type of device the user is accessing the website; smartphone or tablet and adjusts the layout of the page to fit the device. This is more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing for the person visiting your website.

There have been further advancements with responsive web design going a step further and detecting the abilities of a users device and selecting and only sending data that can be displayed. By doing this, the website’s loading speed can be greatly improved.

So, Which is the best for you?

Each option has its pros and cons (except desktop), but you should decide which your customers will find the most useful. What matters is whether you are using mobile devices to your full potential, providing the best experience for your users. It is vital that you choose the design development which best suits your business.

By developing a website with mobile web design in mind you are keeping up with customer trends and making your business better.

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