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Should I Build my Own Website? Avoid a DIY Disaster in 2020

Here at Pagio Digital we have an experienced and knowledgable team that are good at stuff!

We’re good because we do it every day and we do it really well. So, why oh why do people ask themselves, should I build my own website?

If you read that a lawyer had successfully performed heart surgery we’re sure that you’d be quite impressed (so would we!). But if the patient died 4 seconds later because the prosecution misunderstood the meaning of what a CABG really is then that admiration may well change to exasperation!

This week, Daniel will talk about how everyone thinks they could and should build their own website. He’ll then – by means of a back handed compliment – suggest you should leave it to the professionals!

YOU are too valuable to become a ‘dip your toes in’ web designer and developer!

Clients are often unsure whether they need our help to build a website and are determined to build their own.

This happens when we speak to small companies as well as businesses that have millions of pounds of revenue. It’s by no means an isolated incident.

I’m just going to discuss why you should always go with a web design agency. This is not just to sell our services, you’re free to go with whoever you want! We’re better though!

So, here’s why:

How much is your time worth?

For example if you charge £450 a day for your services

If the website build and design then takes you 30 days. This obviously involves finding all the content and images and putting this all together on a site like WordPress or using a website builder like Wix. This can be a complex process.

So the cost, in your time, for the 30 days is: £13,500

On top of the time costs there are other potential issues.

Because you don’t have the specific knowledge and experience required you could end up with a bad design. No SEO friendly content, poor calls to action, server set up difficulties or uploading massive images that will slow your site down. These are all negatives that affect your ability to rank in the SERPs.

All these factors (plus many more) can adversely affect the present and future functionality of your site. A professional website developer can take care of all this for you.

Is the time, the money and the stress worth the risk?

I wouldn’t try to fix a leaking pipe as I’d end up flooding my house!

Professionals are professionals for a reason. Find an expert and talk to them about the best solution available to you.

Don’t do it yourself – you’re better than that!