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Website Mishaps You Shouldn’t Be Making

Website design can be fairly straightforward. However, there are often some common mishaps that can have an impact on the user’s experience. We listed 5 common website mishaps to avoid below.

1. Content Issues

Content is a crucial to your website. The text and typography play a huge part in the user experience. Like your brand, and the imagery you use, the way your content looks on your website can be deciding factor in determining if your website converts a potential customer.

Stark colour contrasts, script or cursive typography, or even line spacing can hinder the user’s ability to actually read the content on your website.

2. Stock-Style Images

We all know a stock image when we see one. They have been around probably since the first websites went live. Websites that use these images run the risk of looking unprofessional, or looking like they have taken the images from another website, and no one wants people to think they have copied another website.

If you’re going to have images on your website the best thing to do is to have professional photographer take them. This way you can make sure the images are exactly what you want, they are branded to your business and they are correct size.

3. Brand Inconsistencies

Consistent branding across all your online channels is essential. You need to be recognisable on all of your professional profiles. Whether that’s social media, your website, your blog or even online directories. If this is not done then you can create confusion for customers.

Branding not only includes your logo, it’s the entire ‘style’ of your business. Text font, image appearance, icons, colours, stationery design and promotional materials. Consistency is key!

There are plenty more mishaps you can make with your website but these are just a couple that should, and can, be easily avoided. If you’re looking to update your website speak to us! Contact us here, call us on 01772 393989 or email hello@pagiodigital.co.uk.