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5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

When it comes to turning traffic into sales, finding ways to improve your website conversion rate is a great idea. Taking the time to give your website conversion rate a boost will help turn those consumers who never quite seem to make it past visiting into hard sales. This is naturally much better for your website’s performance and also your company profits.

But how can you beef up your conversion rate if you are no marketing or IT expert? Luckily, these 5 easy methods are superb at converting more visitors into actual customers.

1. Make your contact information easy to find

It really is essential to ensure your business contact details are easy to find on your website. If not, people will not only struggle to get in touch but also think you are hiding them and not trust you. Many businesses will use a ‘Contact Us’ page which is linked to their main site menu to inspire visitors to get in touch. It is also crucial to put contact details in any ‘Call to Action’ your website contains. Don’t make it hard for people to get in touch with you, people are lazy and want things quickly, including finding your contact information.

2. Make sure you use ‘Call To Actions’

One big barrier for converting visitors into sales is the consumer knowing what they should do next. If the steps they need to take next on your site are not clearly set out on-screen, they can lose interest and bounce. Whether it is clicking a button, filling in a form or signing up for a newsletter, you must tell them what to do and how to do it. A great tip is to make sure that every page has a CTA at the bottom so you can convert visitors into sales.

3. Remove fields you don’t need from your contact form

The simple fact is that you need to make it as easy and pleasurable for people to contact you as possible. A long winded contact form which asks for lots of information does not do this. It is key to keep your contact form as simple as you can and only ask for information you really need. For most websites, this is name, email, phone number and message.

4. Use reviews and testimonials

Did you know that just over 90% of consumers said there were 2 main reasons which convinced them to purchase goods online after reading a review or testimonial? This was either that the review/testimonial spoke about the same issue they were facing or that it highlighted the quality of the product. This really shows how important having reviews and testimonials on your website is for conversions. A good tip is to place 1 unique review or testimonial on each page of your site.

5. Make use of chat tools on your website

There is no doubt that the modern world is an increasingly digital place. You should remember though that people still like to talk to another human being sometimes before making a purchase. This is particularly pertinent for visitors to your site who may be undecided about spending money with you. Live chat functionality can be that final push needed to convert them into a customer. The added bonus here is that live chat is inexpensive and fairly easy to implement.


If you need a hand in putting any of the above tips into place, get in touch today. Our expert team can help upgrade your website so it is more effective at converting visitors into sales. Get in touch today for more details; Call us on 01772 393989 or email hello@pagiodigital.co.uk