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Get More Website Leads By Making Your Contact Info Easier To Find

When creating a website, you need to always keep the customer in mind. If you focus on filling it with reams of copy, fancy graphics and eye-catching videos, you may well keep a consumer’s attention momentarily, but if they are unable to figure out exactly what you offer, how they can benefit, or how they can communicate with you, they will likely go elsewhere.

It can be very easy to overlook the basics and instead focus on the elaborate or decorative, but if the essentials aren’t in place, your website will quite simply fail to do its job.

So, with that in mind, here’s a simple guide to designing a website that prioritises one of the key elements of a website, your contact information. Where you place your contact information is key to getting more website leads. If your contact information is hard to find, you’ll probably be missing out on customers.

1. Have a contact page

It seems like an obvious point, but you must ensure that you actually have a contact page. We see time and time again websites with no contact page and it’s a massive mistake. If people have questions – and they undoubtedly will – you should be encouraging them to reach out.

On the contact page you need to state the best ways to reach you – email, business address, phone number, social media accounts – so that the relationship between business and consumer can be both created and subsequently strengthened.

2. Make sure the contact page can be reached easily from every other page

It’s difficult to predict exactly when a customer will be compelled to try and contact you, so make sure that contact details – or at the very least a link to your contact page – is easily available wherever they happen to be.

Make sure your main website menu has your contact page link, and then throughout the site on your pages.

3. Make use of the bars at the top and bottom of your site

It may even be worth having the contact details embedded into the bar at the top or bottom of every page so that they are visible regardless of where the consumer is on your website.

If you need a hand putting any of the above tips into place, get in touch with us today. Our expert team can help upgrade your website and increase its effectiveness when it comes to getting more website leads. Get in touch for more details