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Beginners Guide to SEO

More people than ever are using the internet to research products and services. That’s why having a website that is customer-friendly and just as importantly, search engine friendly is essential. So that you can get straight to work on improving your website’s performance, we’ve put together this beginners guide to SEO for you.

In basic terms, SEO is used to increase organic traffic to your website by helping your website to rank higher in search engine results pages. In the video, Daniel & Rachel have covered the main points to give you a starting block to improving your rankings. You can either watch the video or read below for a quick snapshot of what was discussed.
1 – Content

Make your main pages on the website easy to read and focused on what services/products you are offering. You should use supporting information e.g. blogs, articles, FAQ’s, videos to show the search engine your website is worth visiting. It indicates that you know what you are talking about and have the answers to relevant questions.   

2- Use effective Keywords

Use keywords for specific web pages, these would feature in the background of your site such as Page Title, Page URL, Metadata and on the web page itself in the H1 tag (heading) & Paragraph text. Using keywords gives the search engine no option but to know exactly what your page is about.

3- Menu structure

Put your most important pages in your main menu and make your website easy to navigate. This is important to keep the customer’s interest. A customer is more likely to leave your site if they can’t find the information they want within 3 clicks.

4- Blogging

Think of what your customers want to know and what your customers are searching for. Do they regularly have a specific question about a service you provide? If so, create a blog to answer this and post it on your website. It’s important to remember that the more you update your website with relevant information then the higher you are likely to rank with the search engines. Blogs will again reassure a search engine that you know what you are talking about.

As long as you are sticking to those main points above you are on the right track for increasing the quantity and quality of customers visiting your site.

If you have any further questions about this beginners guide to SEO or want to know how to make your website work better, get in touch with us.