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How To Turbo Charge your Business with Local SEO


Affordable Local SEO Services

Affordable local SEO services are not the same as cheap SEO services and should never be confused. Don’t underestimate how powerful a page one – or even position one – ranking on Google can be.

This is free organic traffic that Google is sending to your company website or GMB listing. Investment in evolving search engine optimisation methods and skills can reap big rewards: you scratch Google’s back and Google will massage yours (and even provide the scented candles!).

The Awesome Power of the ‘Near Me’ Search

Local SEO is a massively underused marketing tool. This may be because the term itself contains those 3 dreaded letters, immediately filling people with ‘techno dread.’

More prevalent local search has seen the ‘Near Me’ term increasing more and more. Mobile searching has boosted this high intent query even further as geo-specific search becomes more and more prevalent. Google trends shows how, since 2004, the increase has occurred:
Local Search has massive commercial intent and Google’s search results are evolving with the mindset of the searcher.

Even if you’re just starting out, educated tweaks here and there with your website SEO can deliver impressive results in your local search rankings.

Page 1/Position 1:

This is where we want to be: top of the search engines. Although Google may choose to deliver ads above organic search results, this is still prime online real estate.

When you hit this top-spot you’ll be attracting clicks from people looking for the products and services you’re offering.

These are warm, potential customers who are already a few steps along their decision cycle. Position 1 attracts a massive click through rate (CTR) – now your website CRO can take over!
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Google changes its ranking and SERP results pages all the time – just because it can. The algorithm updates happen, people panic, then everyone settles down again.

There’s even a ‘Position 0’ that you can now work to occupy. Ranking here means that you’ll be in the Featured Snippet. This is a summary panel of information that quickly answers a searcher’s query and sometimes other related questions.
You can see that the answer to the search query here is presented before sponsored ads or any of the other 364,000,000 organic results. Google sees it as a ‘no click’ answer to the question being asked.

This position may not necessarily result in a click through to your website, but it gives your company brand a very high level of trust and authority whilst increasing your visibility and perception.

Did We Forget to Pack a Snack?

An added advantage of getting your local SEO firing is that Google also present the ‘Snack Pack’ to match the intent of local searches.
The information presented is generated using the search term and location of the searcher.

Imagine a customer searching ‘I need an Americano’ on their smart phone. They are then presented with the information that they’re just a 2-minute walk away from your coffee shop.

A powerful way to give yourself every chance to break into the ‘snack pack’ is by claiming and completing your Google My Business Listing. This is essentially Google giving you a free ad in the world’s biggest online newspaper!
Make sure you fill in as much information as possible about your business on your listing. At the VERY LEAST, make sure you complete your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) details.

Name / Address / Phone Number

These are 3 vital pieces of information – both for Google, site visitors and potential customers. There are plenty of other ways to get a GMB listing working for a business, too.

Hyper Local Search Intent:  

Modern search has completely evolved. It might even be accurate to say that there is no such thing as ‘national’ search anymore, particularly with Google’s concentration on ‘everything is local.’

Recent research from Moz has even indicated that local SEO is now becoming ‘hyper local,’ to the point where results can change as you literally walk down the street from one geographical location to another.

Keyword research is also entering a new dawn. Instead of the vague numbers presented for ‘national search terms per month’ for a particular search term, data is more accurate and accessible down to the local level. This is gold dust information for local SEO service providers and local businesses.

Voice Search for Local SEO

The voice search market delivers fast and convenient answers. Website content and assets should now be looking to match conversational queries with content.

22% of voice queries are now for local content and 50% of these searches lead to a consumer visit within 24 hours. This level of customer intent is captured through focused search engine optimisation efforts.

A particularly powerful tactic for this is to concentrate some time and effort onto an FAQ page. Research the questions your potential customers are asking – then answer them. Simple!

In addition to including an FAQ page, include geo-specific search terms and supercharge your SERP results.

The Future of Local SEO

SEO is an ever changing discipline. Google needs to provide a service whilst consistently generating revenue and profit. Google users want answers and information, and they want it quickly.

Consumer demands and behaviour will determine how Google behaves but at the same time, content providers (and SEO services) in turn react to Google’s demands and behaviours.

Traffic to your website is no longer an accurate measure of success and search value. Local SEO is more about delivering compelling content and information that quickly delivers on search intent.

Content can be produced with more consumer focus than ever before. This is because the accuracy and accessibility of data, and its subsequent interpretation, provides vital local and hyper local keyword and lead generation opportunities.

Business visibility and perception is increasingly important and the credibility and authority that accompanies it will drive the online brands of the future.