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Mobile Apps – How They Can Boost Your Business!

Mobile apps are more popular than ever and it would be fair to say that near enough everyone has a mobile phone, with the majority having a smartphone! We not only use these devices for their standard features, calls, and texts, but we now use our mobile phones for everything from emails, social media, shopping, gaming, and even banking.

With smartphones being such an important part of people’s lives it’s no wonder that businesses want to be there on the inside of their pockets. Mobile apps are the best way of doing that.

Having a mobile app for your business not only creates a direct link to your customer, but it also increases the potential for engagement regardless of time or location; you can even tailor the experience to your customer, creating a more personalised channel.

So why do you not have an app?

Well, there are many things preventing businesses from developing their own app.
  • You’re worried your customers won’t use it – a way around this is to provide incentives for them to download the app. Promotions, discounts, and specialised content are all effective ways of doing this.
  • You’ve never built an app before – considering you will not be the person building the app this should be nothing to worry about. This is where we come in, as working with a software and app development agency is the best option! They have all the necessary knowledge to help you design, build and launch your app.
  • Builds customer brand loyalty – create a connection with your customers. Things such as loyalty scheme features are also a fantastic way of doing this.
  • “It’s just a fad” – well if it is it’s the longest fad we’ve ever seen. With millions of apps on the app stores, we highly doubt this “fad” will end soon.
  • You already have a website, why would you need an app? – this is a very good question and honestly, it comes down to how well your website performs and how willing you are to retain customers. A mobile app will help you keep those existing customers! Plus, there are many features an app has and can do that a standard website simply cannot.
  • Cost of development – this can be off-putting but prices can vary hugely depending on what you’re looking for in your app and the features you need.
Brands are aiming to create the best possible experience for their customers and their changing behaviours and preferences. Mobile apps are altering the way businesses are communicating with their customers, making the process more convenient and streamlined. There is huge potential for businesses looking to capitalise on the positive effects of having a mobile app.

If you have an idea for an app or have any questions then please contact our team on 01772 393989 or email us at hello@pagiodigital.co.uk.