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The 3 Essentials Of Website Design

Website design is not something to dismiss for your business. You may be thinking why should you update your current website? Your website may be credible, but if it looks like it’s slipping behind the competitions you should reconsider its design.

Website design can have a massive impact on your business; it’s all about conversions. There are many reasons why good, well-thought-out website design will attract customers to your business. The following reasons highlight the top key components which should be considered when designing your website:

Reasons Why Website Design is Important:


This is a fundamental element of your website that it needs to get right. Making it easy and quick for customers to travel throughout your entire website is very important. This navigation can include a navigation bar or a list of labels that categorise the pages on the website. Making sure your customers can find what they are looking for in a short space of time will help keep them on your website. This will likely help them to become a conversion on your website.


Your customers need to trust you, and if your website does not look trustworthy they are simply not going to buy from you online. Having a website design that looks modern, welcoming and friendly will increase new traffic and encourage return visits, helping you to build trust with customers and potential customers. Therefore, improvements in business leads which progress to conversions.


Your branding should be reflected on your website. Having a consistent brand image is an integral part to any business. If you don’t know who you are then your customers certainly won’t. Logo, brand colours, brand messages and imagery used in your print advertising and materials should be carried over to your website in its design. By doing this you are making sure your customer can recognise your brand online. When designing your website think about how your current branding and how you can incorporate this on to your website.

So, when you’re thinking of your website design make sure your design allows for easy customer navigation, looks trustworthy and modern, and is consistent with your branding.

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