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Website Design and The Try Before You Buy Culture

A new year, a new decade and Daniel is back in front of the camera. 2020 starts with his educated opinion concerning the ‘try before you buy’ culture that seems to exist in the web design and development world!

The customer might always be right be they have to pay for that right!

Prepare yourself for an educational rant!

We often get clients who come along and ask if we can show them what finished website will look like.

It may be that they don’t understand that the finished website takes a lot of time and skills in both design and development to produce the finished article.

Here come some analogies to help explain my point:

  • Can I have a starter then I’ll decide if I’m going to pay for it and have a main course?
  • Like getting a house built. Can you build the kitchen and I’ll decide if I want the rest of the house?
  • Getting a suit made. Can you make the blazer then I’ll decide if I want it and get the waistcoat and the pants?
You see what I mean?

There may be a lack of knowledge in general about the time and effort that goes into website or mobile app design and development BUT there is true value in the service being offered.

Each designer and developer has a skill set that’s been refined and developed, often through years of training and experience in an industry.

These are payable services that will deliver quality, but at a price. The exchange of goods and services for a monetary reward is just how the economy works and it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.