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New Year, New Website: The Best Website Diet for 2020


Get Your Website Diet Started in 2020

It’s that glorious time of year when everyone is feeling optimistic and positive and making their New Year’s Resolutions.

Despite the first of January being a day like any other, the masses promise themselves (and anyone that’ll listen) that they’re going to make big changes – starting today (or maybe tomorrow!).

We’re all about helping businesses with their websites, working hard and setting goals to achieve great things in 2020!

Here are some quick ‘website diet’ tips to get your site limbered up and ready for action:

Burning fat:

Trim out the unnecessary stuff on your site. The vanity content, the pointless pages. Anything not related to helping your site perform at a peak level that doesn’t serve a business related purpose has to go. No more 2am content kebabs – no matter how good they taste!

Eating the right food:

After the 6000 calories consumed on Christmas Day, it’s time to favour quality over quantity. Focus on fresh, unique, entertaining and informative content. Stop filling your site with ‘junk-food’ content. Content that goes in one end and out the other has zero benefit to your website.

Exercising more:

You can’t just go out for a run on New Year’s Day and expect to suddenly be at the peak of physical fitness. Do things consistently and often. Check your backlinks aren’t broken, optimise your images, do some work on basic internal linking, do some keyword research. Train your body and your mind – that means looking at making sure your site is optimised and responsive on both desktop and mobile!

Setting goals that last more than a month:

Don’t just be a January person! Your website is a 365-day sales and marketing tool (or 366 this year!). Have a far reaching yet realistic goal. Do you want to increase your traffic, leads, sales or repeat customers? If you’re starting from the couch you can’t expect to be crossing the line first in the London Marathon in April!

Getting a 3 pack:

Everyone has a 6 pack; it just hides behind other stuff. It’s time to shed that stubborn online belly fat. If you spend a little time on your local SEO, getting into the local 3-pack is a realistic goal and can have a massive positive impact on your business. Focus on your locality, optimise your Google My Business information and your website won’t be ashamed to take its top off in the summer!

Choosing the right Website Diet for you:

There are a lot of diets out there. Whether you want to eat for 5 days out of 7, or eat kale and spinach sandwiches every other Wednesday it all depends on your own personal targets and goals. Focus your website on your customers and what they like to consume. Be a feeder! Not with cheeseburgers and coke, but with great content, valuable information and shareable resources.

Small changes for long term benefit:

Making small changes to your lifestyle can have both short and long-term health benefits. The same is true when making changes to your website. There are no miraculous quick fixes but a consistent fitness program, with both long and short-term goals, will help make your website healthier and more attractive to your visitors. For people who like to use big words and try to be clever, it’s the process of cumulative optimisation. SEO, CTR and CRO are the super foods for your website.

Let us spot you!

If you need any help this January (or anytime of the year!) to get your website diet going and your business up to peak fitness, then get in touch! Having a committed and enthusiastic training partner always makes things easier and less painful! The most important to remember is that your website diet needs to become part of your online marketing strategy. It needs to become part of your business lifestyle.

Now maybe give your local gym a call and see what HIIT classes you can join this week!