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Why Your Business’s Website Is More Important Than Ever Post-Pandemic

Let’s go back to the beginning of 2020 – before the pandemic. We did business online but did you ever think the internet would have a part this big to play in 2021? Digital marketing and online shopping have long been a part of our lives, yet nowadays, they are business ‘norms’.

Since the pandemic hit, digital-reliance has reached an all-time high. From business meetings over zoom to ordering groceries and shopping online, we are spending more time than ever on the internet. As a business owner, matching this demand is vital to your success. Having a website for your business has gone way beyond the ‘norm’, it’s necessary. 

The Future Is Digital

The nature of business in 2021 is more “digital” than anyone could have anticipated a few years ago. Even non-tech industries are quickly becoming comfortable with operating and selling online. Regardless of your sector or niche, offering services online isn’t a trend that is looking to slow down or change anytime soon.

Since the pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in SME’s offering online services for the first time. Unsurprisingly, customers making online appointments also experienced a huge uplift. Using a website to enhance and advertise your availability is a great way to stake a claim in the digital marketplace. If you’re reluctant to move online, you can bet that others in your industry won’t be. Now is the time to make your business website more effective.

Customers Still Evaluate Before They Consider Purchasing

It is no secret that the pandemic has catapulted online searches. We are no longer able to stroll down our local high street to browse and make comparisons between products and services. Instead, the “research” element of the purchasing journey has migrated to the digital world. To reach your target market, you have to be online.

People still behave the same as when they were able to visit bricks and mortar locations. They like to browse and make carefully considered decisions. So, rather than purchasing from the first website they visit, they will often visit a few more to find the best option for their needs. They’ll make comparisons and then decide who they want to buy from when they are ready.

Future-Proof Your Business With The Must-Have Tool For Sales And Fulfilment

If you want to make your website more effective, put your services right in front of your customers. Make it clear what your offering. If you don’t have a way to get your services right in front of your customers, it’s likely you’ll rapidly go out of business. Although a pandemic or similar global disaster is unlikely, it is not impossible. 2020 is proof of that. 

In most cases, having a website means you can continue operating business as usual, even if you have to close your physical location. Being online means your business is reachable, operational and you are still able to sell products or provide services. Even if it means you have to diversify your offering.

Easily Keep Customers Engaged And Satisfied

It goes without saying that business is all about developing strong and trusting relationships. It’s how we get customers to stick with us long-term and build uncompromising consumer loyalty. 

To make your website more effective, you need to use it to strengthen customer relationships. You can easily do this by keeping them informed and up-to-date with any news or changes to your services in the blog section. It gives an “always-there” feel so clients can contact you and resolve any questions or concerns.

Utilising social media will also enhance your online offering. The number of people using it continues to grow and it’s another opportunity to keep in touch with your customers. Regularly post updates, offers and make sure your business is well-presented. Most importantly, it’s another traffic source for your website.

3 Quick Tips That Can Make Your Business Website More Effective 

1. Messaging

Messaging offers direct communication and gives customers and leads instant access to you. Couple this with a speedy response and you’re certain to leave a good impression of your services.

Now, it would be impossible for you to monitor messages and inbound queries 24/7, so you can integrate a chatbot or enlist help from a virtual assistant. They can deal with lower-level enquiries and then forward you the more important messages. This improves your efficiency, drives productivity and further cement your customer relationships.

2. Payments

It can be frustrating for any business to spend your time chasing payments. Install a sales conversion system which securely processes payments (we can recommend a few if you don’t know where to start). It makes the process smoother so you can start spending your time on other areas of your business. 

3. Self-service appointments

It can take a lot of time to schedule appointments, meetings and calls but you can use self-service plugins or appointment scheduling software such as Calendly to automate this process for you. The plugin connects to your calendar so clients and customers can see when you’re available. They can then book an appointment at a time that is convenient for both parties. 

Make Your Website A Priority

So even if your industry isn’t tech-savvy – it’s really important to get online. Yes, it requires investment, but its an investment which will deliver results if you give it the right attention.

We can answer any questions you may have and are here to offer help and support to all types of businesses. You can get in touch with us here.