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Why You Need To Do Regular Wordpress And Plugin Updates

So, you have just finished working with your web design agency and you have launched your brand new website, now you can just sit back and relax… Well not quite!

Yes, it is always good to sit back and admire your new creation, you deserve it after all especially with the amount it probably cost you; but unfortunately, after the brief reflection time the work on your website will need to continue indefinitely.

‘You wouldn’t buy a brand new car and never get it serviced’

You should think about your website in the same way.

Your WordPress site & plugins will need regular updates to keep everything working as it should, the main reasons for these regular updates are:

  1. Getting all the shiny exciting new features
  2. Keeping your website secure
  3. Regular updates are less likely to cause problems

Let’s have a look at why these reasons are so important in a little more detail.

1 – New features

WordPress & plugin providers will often bring out minor and major updates throughout the year. Minor updates usually bring small bug fixes & security upgrades, these can happen whenever needed. Major updates are usually where you will find your new features and WordPress would normally do these 2 or 3 times a year.

‘WordPress wouldn’t waste their time making new features that they don’t think will enhance your website‘

We would always recommend looking at the new features and seeing if they can enhance your customers experience on your site.

2 – Website security

WordPress sites make up 39% of all sites on the web at the moment with this rising all the time. Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in websites so they can gain access. So, with WordPress having the majority share of sites on the web hackers will spend a lot of their time trying to find WordPress security floors.

‘What’s a hackers favourite website?’

No this isn’t a dodgy Christmas cracker joke, it’s a site that is not up-to-date.

WordPress & plugins, along with new features, will update their security features which they have identified as a potential risk to your sites security.

3 – Regular WordPress updates

Make your main pages on the website easy to read and focused on what services/products you are offering. You can then have large amounts of supporting information in the style of blogs, articles, FAQ’s, videos etc to show the search engine that your website is worth visiting as you know what you are talking about and have the answers to relevant questions.

Let Pagio Digital do it for you

At Pagio, we give you peace of mind that your website is up to date and secure by completing your WordPress & plugin updates for you for a small monthly fee. To find out more get in touch via our contact form or if you prefer, call 01772 393989 or email hello@pagiodigital.co.uk